Best 10 Inch Miter Saws 2022 – Reviews

miter-saw-woodworking A 10-inch miter saw is a great tool for any carpentry project. It can cut through wood and other materials with ease and precision. The best thing about these tools is that they are so versatile and easy to use. There’s no need to take up much space in your garage or shed because this tool doesn’t weigh too much. This is a guide on the best 10-inch miter saws. This blog post will give you tips on what to look for in a great product, and explain why this specific model is the best.

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Best 10 Inch Miter Saws in November, 2022

Best Choice
DEWALT DWS713 review
  • Speed: 5000 RPM
  • Motor: 15 Amp
  • Bevel: 0 - 48°

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Metabo C10FCGS review
Metabo C10FCGS
  • Speed: 5000 RPM
  • Motor: 15 Amp
  • Bevel: 0 - 45°

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Skil MS6305-00 review
Skil MS6305-00
  • Speed: 4800 RPM
  • Motor: 15 Amp
  • Bevel: 0 - 45°

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BOSCH CM10GD review
  • Speed: 4800 RPM
  • Motor: 15 Amp
  • Bevel: 0 - 60°

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WEN MM1011 review
WEN MM1011
  • Speed: 4500 RPM
  • Motor: 15 Amp
  • Bevel: 0 - 45°

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1. DEWALT Compound Miter Saw – Best 10 Inch Miter Saw for Beginners

Looking for a saw that cuts through anything without breaking a sweat? Meet the DEWALT 10-Inch Miter Saw. This steel mill worker of modern machinery can easily cut framing lumber, wood, plywood, and drywall to any angle at 0-48 degrees. It’s got everything you need from bevels to positive stops making it effortless to find the perfect fit for your material every time—which means more useable materials in less time. Why deal with cumbersome trimmers and sawhorses when miter saw will make all those problems disappear? Its tabletop design, ease of use makes this a great fit for any workshop.

Great Performance

This left-right tilt miter saw has a slider bar that adjusts up and down then locks into a position that eliminates pesky wobbling during cutting jobs that require accurate bevels leaves. I also love the handle grip that helps reduce vibration when working on

This DEWALT 10-Inch Miter Saw is perfect for those who like to take woodworking and carpentry to a whole new level of intensity and drive their clients crazy. You’ll be able to take almost anything through this thing with ease. And don’t worry–the 45 cuts will give you extra precision and that signature Dewalt quality we all know and love.


This miter saw is a handy tool for cutting boards and conducting projects that require straight or curved cuts. It handles materials measuring up to 8 inches in width with the 45 degrees offset capability, which will accommodate all job sites. This saw has a powerful 15 amp motor and 5000 RPM blade speed.

The angled cut can be modified from right to left by simply loosening two wing nuts halfway on the left side of the mast where the blade connects. The assembly is very easy. All you need are wrenches or sockets/keys and about 20 minutes of time.

  • Stainless-steel
  • Easy assembly
  • Versatile
  • Great for DIYers and professionals
  • 5000 RPM
  • A little bit loud
  • Adjusting may be needed

2. Metabo HPT Compound Miter Saw – Best Cheap Miter Saw Under $150

Keep your cuts precise and safe with the Metabo HPT 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw. Lightweight materials make it easy to transport this precision tool to the job site; the durable design ensures that you have an accurate cut for years. The increased RPM allows for increased cutting versatility, giving you first-class results every time. With five different types of positive stops, making setups simple even on difficult angles.


The Metabo HPT is a lightweight, compound miter saw that tackles precision framing with a powerful 15 amp motor and 5,000 RPM blade speed. Whether you’re cutting crown molding or going all out with a hardwood floor installation, the Metabo can cut through almost anything in its path. With a bevel range of 0-45 degrees and positive stops right and left, there’s a lot this little saw can do for your home project.

This Metabo Miter Saw allows you to cut through more efficiently. The saw features an accurate 0 – 52 miter angle range. It also includes a large table for better stability and convenience. This compound miter saw is lightweight at just 34 pounds, making it easy to carry around your workplace.

Good Design

This sleek, lightweight saw is packed with all the features you need to do your best work. It’s got a sizable table that won’t budge or shake during operation. And the 5,000 RPM provides fast cuts that leave smooth edges for projects like cutting plywood into strips or making crosscuts in sheet materials up against another board.

The Metabo HPT 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw makes it easy to cut durable, straight lines every time with only four simple adjustments. This saw’s unique design includes a positive stops system that allows you to quickly change the blade angle without any guesswork, allowing for clean cuts without tear-out. The construction combined with this sleek set of features makes this product ideal for busy professionals or DIYers who are looking for an all-around versatile tool that will be by their side through years of wear and tear.

  • Large Table
  • Lightweight
  • Well Designed
  • Sturdy
  • Easy adjustment
  • Cheap plastic blade guard
  • Poor manual


3. Skil 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw – Trusted Brand

Skil has been a company making innovative and easy-to-use tools for decades. With this miter saw, they’ve designed a proficient and productive workplace tool. This Skil 10 Inch Miter Saw with its 4,800 RPM cutting power and 15 AMP motor is the perfect one-handed helper for anyone looking to do their best work. The expansive housing features an LED illuminated shadow line which guarantees precision cuts every single time. Whether you’re a professional at construction or just finally doing that project around your house you’ve been putting off because life got in the way, this Skil miter saw will complete almost any job easily and fast.


This power-packed miter saw has all the tools you need to make quick work of measuring, cutting. This saw will cut both angles efficiently too – making it perfect for any homeowner project. 15 AMP MOTOR is super strong, giving you the straight cuts every time without worries about kinking or bending boards end to end. You can also install other Skil accessories like Skilsaw blades and anti-splinter tape so you never have to stop before finishing that perfect cut.

This miter saw lets you throw your skills into making your construction or DIY dreams happen! There are 11 positive stops so that adjustment is easy for different modes of cutting. With 2×12 cutting capacity it’s perfect for batching up all of those materials before doing final prep on them with power tools. Cutting up to 50 degrees means that if you’re hanging a shelf in your bedroom and need a 45 degree cut outside the standard 90-degree slot these sliding fences will team up nicely.


Skil 10 Inch Miter Saw is one solid piece of equipment. It has a durable plastic body and thick arms on each side to grip the material. There’s plenty of precut throat clearance for your materials, making it easy to get accurate, straight cuts with the blade included in the kit. And if dust tends to mess up your projects, don’t worry about it. This saw has a built-in dust bag so all of that nasty stuff stays in one easy location.

This Miter Saw is just the thing for cutting through wood. The arms are really solid which helps to keep everything nice and secure, while you make the cut. You’ll be able to put this saw on any table or board surface with no problem.

  • Durable
  • Dual-Bevel
  • LED Shadow Line
  • Very Solid
  • Poor dust collector
  • May has problems with 4×4

4. BOSCH Dual Bevel Miter Saw – Best 10 Inch Double Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

The Bosch 10 Inch Compact Miter Saw is the ideal saw for many different jobs around the house. From trimming molding to cutting baseboards, this compact saw does it all in style by giving you dual-bevel capability, an easy-to-read bevel scale with accurate built-in markings, and a durable steel miter detent plate. And because of its 60 tooth blade, it’s perfect for those shallow cuts that help keep boards from popping up as your cut them down, this stylish dame can handle everything you throw at her!

Easy to Use

The BOSCH 10 inch Compact Miter Saw gives you the best of both worlds. With its dual-bevel design, it can make miter and bevel cuts with precision on single or multiple layers of material. Available cordless models are lightweight, which is great for ease of use on the go.

This miter saw cuts wood like butter and is easy enough for anyone to use. Dual-Bevel technology allows for cutting at different angles with just one saw, so you can say goodbye to costly miters. This product comes ready to go out of the box with a 60-tooth blade that will cut anything up to 2″ thick.


Take it to your workshop and cut anything. With over 4800 RPM and precision fences, the Bosch 10 Inch Miter Saw is a fantastic addition for any homeowner.

This miter saw has all the features you need for finishing work fast and clean, without messing up your shop or blowing away dust where it’s not wanted. Compact and well-designed, this is a must-have piece of equipment for any professional-level contractor and DIYer.

For Many Tasks

You’ll have all your needs met with this tool. With safety elements like a safety switch lock-off system and dust chute, this will bring the safest operation of any product in its class.

With the Bosch 10 in. Compact Miter Saw’s adjustable fences, pivoting arm, built-in measuring scale, and a comfort grip handle it’s just too easy! Cut 16 different angles with precision accuracy with this one incredible tool.


This Bosch saw is the perfect saw for anyone with limited space. Ergonomic handles allow this compact miter saw to be used by all, even those without larger hands! With 4-1/4 inch fences on both ends of the blade, you can easily cut anywhere within your desired angle range. The pivoting slide arm gives us that much more flexibility in cutting different angles. It’s simple and easy to use but full of power!

The Bosch 10 Inch Compact Miter saw not only has a 52 degree left but 60 degrees right miter angle range which gives you even more flexibility when it comes to your starting point for cutting any product at an Angle that meets your need.

  • Dual-Bevel
  • 60-Tooth Saw Blade
  • Compact design
  • Ergonomic  handle
  • Pivoting slide arm
  • A bit heavy
  • More expensive than competitors

5. WEN 10″ Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw – With Laser Guide

With this WEN 10 Inch Compound Miter Saw, you can craft everything from deck rails to picture frames in a fraction of the time it would take with a pencil and 2×4. The accurate laser guide gets you on track, while the 4500 RPMs make sure all your cuts are smooth ones, no matter how fine they need to be. Oh yeah—the compact design makes it easy to carry through doorways for longer projects.

Good Cutting

The WEN 10 Inch Compound Miter Saw is just serious enough to help you cut any angle. Cut what you need with accuracy and enjoyment by making precision cuts in less time than ever before. This saw comes with all the safety features needed – including a dust bag to keep your workspace tidy, and 9 positive stops for setting the width of your blade.

With its 45-degree angle cut, this saw makes sure you never miss a straight line again due to the flexible fence handle that adjusts with ease to various angles. You can make short work of any materials whether they are big or small for both interior and exterior home projects.

Easy to Use

With its 45-degree cut angle and 40 teeth carbide-tipped blade to precision slice your material on contact, this miter saw is great. It also has 9 positive stops so you know which cuts are best for each project type. This product saves space on your work table by being vertical standing or horizontal. The miter saw’s dust bag aids in keeping the shop clean while it cuts through both softwood plywood with ease as well as hardwoods without stuttering.

The WEN 10 inch compound miter saw will make it easy to get the job done. Easy to set up and even easier to use, this hardworking saw is compact but still delivers an impressive 1875 RPM for top-notch performance.

Great for Most Tasks

The WEN 10 Inch Compound Miter Saw is a magnificent yet compact cutting machine that makes an excellent addition to any workshop. Along with its great performance and easy assembly, you can also assemble this product in under two hours. Simply unfold the saw stand, centralize it on your workspace or clamp it onto fixed workbench protuberances, then snap the battery-operated tool into place. Plus, thanks to its design’s unmatched efficiency and versatility, you’ll be able to make a majority of your cuts with one machine instead of needing multiple tools.

The WEN 10 Inch Compound Miter Saw is perfect for cutting clean, square cuts. It has a compact design that can fit in tight spaces. The miter saw blade is powerful enough to cut through wood sheets of 0.75 inches thickness and 12 inches wide, with up to two sides simultaneously.

  • Accurate laser guide
  • Compact
  • 40-Tooth carbide-tipped blade
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fences may need to be adjusted
  • Mostly plastic

What to Consider When Buying the Best 10 Inch Miter Saw

Motor Power

What motor power should you choose? Keep in mind that more powerful motors are heavier, too. There is a point where the power you need will be so great it will start to limit your ability to move the saw around—an issue for those with lots of crown molding or cabinets to cut. This isn’t really an issue with lower-powered saws because they tend to be lighter, but if portability isn’t an issue, go with the most power that fits your budget and needs.

Blade Size

This depends on what materials you’ll be cutting the most, I suggest at least 10″ blades because smaller blades can’t handle larger pieces of wood. If you’re just making cross cuts 10 inches should be enough, but for ripping (cutting lengthwise), at least 12 inches is recommended, and 14 would be better.



Cutting is a lot of physical work, especially when making several cuts or if you have a larger project. This means you want to make sure the saw won’t be too heavy for you, but still heavy enough that it feels solid and durable.


You want to keep your budget reasonable, but remember that you get what you pay for. Cheaper is not always better, and a good saw will last a lifetime, so don’t be afraid to spend a little more if it means getting a much better saw.

Ease of Use

No matter how good a saw is if it’s hard to use the results will suffer. Make sure whatever model you buy has a table-saw style base and not the old ‘C’ style base with the blade mounted on top instead of in front.


You want to make sure that your miter saw is safe. A miter saw should have anti-kickback so that even if they do kick back, your fingers stay away from the blade. The bigger concern would be breaking teeth on your rip cuts, but this can also be avoided by buying a better quality saw and making sure you don’t twist or torque the saw while cutting.

Laser Guide

A laser guide isn’t necessarily important, but it is nice. If you’re more interested in the end result than what goes into making that end result this might not be something you’ll use much.

Non-Slip Large Grip

This is a feature I think everyone should have. I hate trying to hold the wood down while cutting and getting splinters in my fingers from trying to force them down past this or that bump on the board. Without a nice grip, not only does it make for a harder cut, but if wood moves it could move far enough to get kicked back at you. Make sure you buy one with a good non-slip grip.

Dust Collection

miter-saw-table I don’t think this is the most important, but I do think it’s helpful. It saves clean-up time. Make sure that the vacuum connection on the sawdust collection port isn’t too close to your blade or else debris can clog it up quickly. If it isn’t, you could have some issues using a shop vac with it as well.

Positive stops

Miter saws can be adjusted to a number of angles. If you set one at 4 degrees every time you make a cut, your pieces will come out the same way every time. The more positive stops, the better!


There are two types of fences on standard miter saws; adjustable and not adjustable. Make sure that if it can’t be adjusted it has good enough measurements so that the cuts are still accurate. It’s just plain irritating when they’re off by some amount.


Beveling basically means that the saw can cut at an angle. This is great for angled cuts as well as cutting crown molding. If it doesn’t have a bevel, you’re going to have some trouble making those cuts.


Standard (Budget) Miter Saw

You can make square cuts with this type of miter saws, but the best use is for miters. People buy them and then quickly realize they wasted their money because it’s only good for one thing: cutting angles. Most don’t include a laser which makes them worthless as anything other than a square/90 degree cutting machine.

Standard Miter Saws are usually what you find at your local hardware store. They are not bad saws, but they do lack in some features like the number of angles you can cut (not enough for most people), and how sturdy it is. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone unless they were on a budget; then we’d talk.

Compound Miter Saw

cutting-wood-with-miter-saw This is the type of saw you see in most old-school craftsman workshops. A compound miter saw has a head that can move up and down, as well as rotate around so it can cut angles on either side. They are, however, limited to 45 degrees on one side and 90 degrees on the other. This type of saw does include lasers which make them more versatile than standard miter saws but they still have limitations.

Because of the weight and number of moving parts, they aren’t usually ideal for packing into a truck and taking with you to job sites.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

A sliding compound miter saw is similar to a compound miter saw, but it has a long rail that slides out behind the blade so that you can cut wider pieces. Again, because of the weight and number of moving parts, this type of saw isn’t typically great for field use either. If you do get one though it should be easy enough to store in your workshop even if you get a smaller model.

These saws are similar to the standard compound miter, but they also contain a sliding arm which allows you to increase your capacity up to twelve inches. This can be extremely helpful if you’re working on crown molding or other tight spots where space is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sharpen the blade on a miter saw?

If your miter saw blade has become dull over time, you can try sharpening it to regain its original cutting effectiveness. The simplest way is with an abrasive wheel designed for the purpose. This wheel consists of two surfaces; one rough and one fine; which are pressed together by a motor or hand crank to create the sharpening effect.

Can a miter saw make straight cuts?

A miter saw is able to make straight cuts as well as angled cuts. In order to do so, you only have to adjust the saw accordingly.

Can I cut a wide piece with a miter saw?

Some miter saws may not be suitable for cutting thicker materials due to their small size, but there are high-end models that can handle almost anything safely and effectively.

Can I cut crown molding with a compound sliding miter saw?

Instead of using a chop-saw or drywall handsaw and an angle grinder, owners can save time by utilizing this type of power tool instead. Keep in mind that different types of blades may need to be used depending on what you’re cutting.

Is there such thing as a left-handed miter saw?

Left-handed miter saws exist, but they are not very popular due to the limited demand for them.

What is the difference between table saws and miter saws?

A table saw is designed with the primary purpose of using thin blades to cut thin pieces of wood, like boards. A miter saw is mostly used for cutting angles in picture frames or moldings.

Can you cut a 4×4 with a 10-inch miter saw?

A 10″ miter saw can be used to cut a 4×4, as long as the correct type of blade is installed and the proper safety precautions are taken.

Is a 7 1/4 miter saw too small?

Is a 7 1 4 miter saw too small? A 7-1/4″ saw is on the smaller side, but there are plenty of times you will find that it’s all you need. If it is your first miter saw then just note that you might outgrow it in the future and upgrading to a larger one would be better for your long-term needs.

Can you put a miter saw on the floor?

Yes, you can put a miter saw on the floor as long as it is stable and does not tip over. This will vary from a miter saw to a miter saw depending on how heavy they are and what features they have.

Can a miter saw cut plywood?

Yes, a miter saw can cut plywood. Plywood is man-made and therefore has no grain to get in the way of cutting accurately. It can be cut easily with a miter saw without any problems.

Can I use a compound miter saw to rip longboards?

A compound miter saw should not be used for ripping longboards because it will bind and could break if you apply too much pressure while making the cut. If you need to make a rip cut on an 8′ board, I recommend using a table saw for this task.

Can miter saw cut metal?

Yes, a miter saw can cut metal. The only problem would be if the metal is not first clamped down onto a rigid surface or held in place with other means to avoid slipping and getting cut by the blade.


Finding the best 10-inch miter saw may seem difficult, but it’s really not.  All you need is the correct information and a bit of time. I made it easy for you, though with my extensive research I can assure you that every 10-inch miter saw on this list has received good reviews from its users and me.

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