Best 60cc Chainsaws – Reviews

60cc-chainsaw-cutting-log A 60cc chainsaw can solve many of your cutting problems. If you have been looking for high-powered chainsaws that can offer excellent results, these chainsaws are designed to fit that purpose. Whether you intend to cut, prune, or fell trees, these chainsaws come with some of the best features you’ll see in chainsaws. With high levels of efficiency and durability, the chains can deliver effective results within a short period. However, while 60cc chainsaws can be effective, getting the right ones might be tasking.

The market is filled with so many chainsaws these days. From one manufacturer to the other, chainsaws keep increasing at a rapid rate. This makes it essential that you know what to look for in chainsaws if you want to get the best. By understanding the key features of 60cc chainsaws, you can get chainsaws that will deliver excellent cutting results, thereby offering value for your money.

Best 60cc Chainsaws in June, 2021

1. 62CC Gas Coocheer Chainsaw 3.5HP — Highly Efficient

Concerning efficiency, this chainsaw is one of the best. This 60cc chainsaw comes with a 2-stoke engine, which allows it to speed up to 8500 rpm. With this, the engine gets the chainsaw to deliver excellent power to serve your cutting needs.

High Efficiency

This chainsaw has a high-efficiency level, as it delivers top speed that allows the chainsaw to drive through tight spaces. It delivers power up to the 20-inch bar. If you need a chainsaw with high power that can serve both heavy duties and regular cutting, this chainsaw is best for that purpose.

This chainsaw works effectively for garden and farm saw. Reducing fuel consumption to up to 20%, this chainsaw helps conserve fuel while effectively delivering results. The engine is also designed to work with high temperatures without overheating. The capacity of the fuel tank is 550ml, which allows for enough fuel to go for long operations.

The chainsaw also comes with a top-quality chain which is designed to resist wear and tear. The chain is tight and makes for firm results. With the firm chain, the chainsaw can cut with more precision. This also prevents cases of the chainsaw tripping off as a result of imbalance.

Starts Easily

This chainsaw starts quite easily. It comes with the smart start technology, which makes it start quickly. This reduces the resistance faced in the process. The chainsaw is also generally easy to use with top features that add to its efficiency. It also has an impressive level of safety with its safety valve. This chainsaw is manufactured to offer ease and convenience for operators without compromising the standards of its results.

The air filter technology makes for an extended life span for the chainsaw. The air filter protects the vital parts of the chainsaw from coming in contact with debris. The chainsaw also has an auto-oiling feature that keeps the vital parts lubricated. This strengthens the chainsaw and prevents wear.

Smart Design

This chainsaw has a great appeal on first look. The design is compact and smooth, which makes the chainsaw easy to handle. The ergonomic design and great handling also adds to the overall efficiency of the chainsaw. The handles have an anti-vibration effect, making it more practical for an operator to firmly hold the chainsaw. The chainsaw also has great balancing, which supports the several angles that an operator might want to turn. This makes for efficient results.

  • The chainsaw has anti-vibration effects, which makes for great handling.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to maintain and highly durable.
  • The practical design makes it deliver efficient results.
  • The product has no warranty.
  • Users complain about the noise of the chainsaw.

2. HUYOSEN 60CC 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw — High Out Engine

With its excellent ignition system and low-kickback feature, this chainsaw comes with a high-efficiency level, which makes it cut through the wood at a fast rate. It can speed up to 8500 rpm. It comes with a strong chain and 20-inch bar, which makes for its high power.

Why Consider HUYOSEN 60cc Chainsaw

This chainsaw is impressive for several reasons. The chainsaw comes with an air filter system that makes for effective filtration. This prevents the accumulation of dust and debris on the vital components of the chainsaw. By doing so, the chainsaw can continue to work without being hindered. This reduces the wear and tear of the components and also helps to keep them smooth.

The chain is strong and doesn’t jam easily. The auto-oiling system is another impressive feature of this chainsaw. While it’s in operation, the auto-oiler supplies oil to the needed parts to ensure that operation remains smooth, and prevent cases of friction. This reduces the wear and tear the chain goes through. This improves the lifespan of the chainsaw.

The chainsaw also has a powerful acceleration. It starts quickly and picks up very fast. This way, it takes very little time before it begins to deliver sawing results on the wood. The chainsaw is also easy to assemble. You do not require any special skill to set up the chainsaw. With the low-kickback feature, the chainsaw is highly safe during operations. The feature reduces the risks that could happen during use.

Impressive Design

This chainsaw is designed with a shock-absorbing feature, which reduces the vibration during use. This makes for easy handling and allows operators to hold the chainsaw firmly for use. The ergonomic design is combined with a cushion handle that allows for impressive and efficient results. This chainsaw is also designed with safety features that prevent the device from kickstarting accidentally or tripping off. The safety switch also helps to shut down the device immediately in cases of emergency.

With the impressive design, the device can work for a long period without overheating or showing wear and tear signs.


This chainsaw comes with a 12-month warranty through which you can return the product if it doesn’t fit the description. This offers a sense of security and confidence to buyers to ensure they get quality service.

  • Easy to use and handle.
  • High levels of safety.
  • Highly efficient with top features such as the air filter, and auto-oiling.
  • Provision of warranty.
  • The chainsaw is a bit on the heavy side. Users complain about the weight during use.
  • Users complain that it delays before it starts.

3. Husqvarna 460 Rancher (60cc) Chainsaw — Ideal For Heavy Duties

Built with the x-torq engine, this chainsaw has high torque that spreads across a significant rpm range. If you are looking for a 60cc chainsaw ideal for demanding tasks, and yet easy to use, this is a chainsaw you want to consider.

High Power

This chainsaw comes with a high level of power owing to its impressive engine, designed to support tough cutting applications. With its high rpm range, it can offer excellent results to match the needs of the application. This makes it adequate for heavy duties without compromising the results.

The chainsaw is designed with some of the best features in the market. It saws through wood effectively and within a short period. The engine starts fast and accelerates quickly, which allows the cutting application to be quick.

Why Consider Husqvarna 60cc

There are several reasons to consider this chainsaw. It comes with an excellent air filter technology, which helps the chainsaw prevent dust from entering its vital components. With the air filter, the vital parts are protected, and their service life is strengthened. This way, the chainsaw becomes more durable and able to serve the purpose for which it was bought.

The chainsaw comes with an excellent choke/stop feature, which makes for immediate starting and stopping when needed. The control gets the chainsaw started immediately. Also, in cases of emergency where you need to stop the device, the control does it quickly.

Easy To Handle

This chainsaw has impressive handling because of its impressive design. It also has an anti-vibration feature, which makes it easier to handle without the risk of tripping off. With the design and handling, you can achieve an impressive level of precision. This makes the chainsaw highly efficient.

  • Easy to use and handle.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • It comes with a top-tier engine, which allows for fast and incisive cutting.
  • Has an impressive level of design.
  • Users complain about the low shock absorber.
  • Users complain about the noise and weight.

4. 62CC Coocheer Gas Chainsaw 3.5HP — Efficiency And Durability

This chainsaw comes with a high level of efficiency owing to its impressive components. It is designed with some of the best features in the market. It comes with an excellent engine that makes for improved efficiency and power.


With a 2-stoke engine, this chainsaw offers excellent sawing results that cut wood precisely without compromising the other surface areas of the wood. The engine supports power and efficiency up to 8500 rpm. This makes the chainsaw work at a fast rate without compromising the excellence of the output. With up to 20% fuel conservation feature, it conserves fuel adequately.

It is powered by gas and fit for heavy duties. It delivers powerful results at a steady rate and up to the 35-inch bar. This is one of the best 60cc chainsaws. With its low-kickback feature, there is improved safety, and a core ability to meet the demands of various cutting needs. The chain is made with top-tier imported steel that doesn’t wear or tear easily. This extends the service life of the chainsaw. It can work and be in use for up to 5 times the period a regular 20-inch chain would work.

Great Handling

The chainsaw has great handling, which makes it easy to use and handle. It has a slip-free feature that makes it stat firm to the hand. This allows operators to achieve an impressive level of precision. By holding the tool firmly against the wood without running the risk of slipping, the tool can deliver excellent sawing results.

Easy To Start

The chainsaw comes with a smart start technique, which lets the engine kickstart immediately. This improves the level of acceleration and speeds up the process of the application.

  • Great handling owing to the design and the slip-free feature.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Powerful engine designed to support various sawing needs.
  • Relatively heavy and noisy.

5. Ruinopar Gas Chainsaw 62CC — Highly Versatile

If you are looking to get a 60cc chainsaw that is versatile and can serve various cutting needs, this is one of the best chainsaws that can serve that need. With its ergonomic design and the superior quality of the components, the chainsaw offers impressive sawing results.

High Performance

Delivering steady speed and power to the 20-inch low-kickback chain, this chainsaw is of high performance and meets the various sawing application demands. The power of the engine supports using the chainsaw for felling trees. You can also use this chainsaw for garden and farming needs. With its 8500 rpm, it delivers a top speed that allows it to cut through wood effectively.

The impressive performance also comes from the oiling and air filter feature. With the oiling feature, the chainsaw supplies the vital parts with the needed oil during operations to ensure that the chainsaws are in good condition. The air filter also prevents dust from accumulating on the essential components of the chainsaw. This prevents dust and debris from clogging these components.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the chainsaw also adds to its efficiency. The design comes with a slip-free feature, long-term use, and shock-absorbing feature, all of which make it easier for an operator to handle the chainsaw without running risks of accidents. The design also includes a safety switch through which the chainsaw can be shut down where there is an immediate need for that. This adds to the efficiency of the chainsaw.

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Easy to handle without running the risk of accidents.
  • Excellent engine and design.
  • This chainsaw is a bit on the heavy side.
  • It might take a while before users get used to it.


If you are looking for the best 60cc chainsaws, any of the above products will solve your needs. These products are made of the best feature in the market. This makes them highly efficient. However, it is crucial that you examine product descriptions when getting your 60cc chainsaw. Look out for products with warranty packages and top features that make for efficiency and durability. This will guarantee that you make informed choices.

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