Best Arborist Chainsaws – Reviews

arborist-chainsaw You can use arborist chainsaws for your various cutting needs. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, this is a tool that can serve your needs. The chainsaw delivers excellent results within a short period. Many arborist chainsaws have the smart start technique that allows the engine to accelerate quickly and help you meet your cutting demands quickly.

However, getting the right arborist chainsaws can be challenging. This is because there are various chainsaws in the market with varying specifications. Not all of these arborist chainsaws can serve your needs. With this guide, you can get to know of the features to look out for when getting your arborist chainsaws. Below are the best arborist chainsaws in the market that you can get.

Best Arborist Chainsaws in June, 2021

1. BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw — Highly Mobile And Efficient

With its tool-free feature, this chainsaw makes for easy adjustments of the chain and speed settings to suit your cutting application’s needs. Whether you need to go fast or slow or need the chain to be together, an operator can conveniently adjust the settings without using tools or dismantling the chainsaw.

High Efficiency

This arborist chainsaw is highly efficient with some of its features being some of the best in the market. It comes with a high rpm, which makes it work fast and cut through the wood rather effectively. This way, you can do more with less time. The chainsaw is battery-powered, but the batteries are strong and last for a long period. It contains 40V Max Lithium batteries. This makes it possible to work for a long period without needing to charge the batteries.

The chainsaw is designed with an auto-oiling feature through which the system supplies oil to the parts in need during operations. This way, an operator doesn’t have to stop the device to manually apply oil. This feature strengthens the tool’s service life and reduces the rate at which vital parts witness wear and tear. With a single charge, the chainsaw delivers up to 60 4×4 cuts on average.


The chainsaw’s durability is due to its protective features that seek to keep the vital parts of the chainsaw smooth and protected. With the air filter system, dust and debris are prevented from accumulating to the chainsaw’s essential parts. This improves the chainsaw’s efficiency level and ensures the chainsaw works for a long period. With a high durability level, this chainsaw is one of the few that deliver value for money.

Impressive Design

This chainsaw comes with an impressive design that makes it easy to handle. It has the slip-free feature that makes for firm handling. This way, an operator can make use of the device without running risks of accidents. The great handling allows for a high level of precision.

Easy To Use

This arborist chainsaw is easy to use. It comes as assembled. Even if you would like to assemble it, the process is a straightforward one. An operator doesn’t require any special skill to use this device. All that is needed to understand the usage is contained in the instructional manual.

  • Easy to use and handle.
  • The chainsaw comes with an impressive design that makes for safety and efficiency.
  • The protective design makes the chainsaw highly durable.
  • Great handling and impressive precision.
  • Users complain about the weight.
  • It might delay before it starts.

2. Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) — Highly Powerful

This is an arborist chainsaw with a high level of efficiency owing to its excellent features. The outer rotor offers high power comparable to that of a 32cc chainsaw. With its variable speed feature, you can adjust the speed settings to meet your cutting application’s demands.

Why Consider This Makita Chainsaw

With its high chain speed of 940 fpm, this tool provides excellent cutting performance across various paces needed to get the perfect results. Its adjustment feature doesn’t require the use of a tool, which makes it fast and on-the-job. This also adds to the maintenance level of the chainsaw.

The chainsaw also comes with an in-built lock lever, which prevents accidental engagement of the chainsaw. This way, the chainsaw cannot engage on its own unless being prompted by the operator. This reduces cases of hazard. The chainsaw also has a large oil section, which allows the operator to conveniently examine the oil bar, and fill in more oil where necessary.

Its efficiency is also boosted by its 18V Lithium batteries which enhance the chainsaw’s performance and allows it to work over a reasonable period. Also, with the LED auto on/off switch, the chainsaw switches off immediately once it senses risk. This means that, in cases of emergency, an operator can quickly shut off the chainsaw.

Low Level Of Noise

This chainsaw has a low level of noise, which makes the process more peaceful and enjoyable. This also makes the chainsaw to be friendly and usable in the home environment. The chainsaw also releases no emission, which makes for improved safety of the operator and the environment generally. With this feature, an operator can have a more fulfilling and less disturbing experience while using the chainsaw.


This chainsaw comes with an impressive design that offers adequate protection to the vital components of the chainsaw. With its Extreme Protection Technology, this chainsaw offers adequate protection to its components by preventing the accumulation of dust and debris. This way, the vital components are kept in good condition, and their service life is strengthened.

  • Impressive design that offers protection.
  • Easy to use and handle.
  • A smart design that makes for great handling and precision.
  • Low noise level and zero-emission.
  • The start time might delay sometimes.
  • Users complain about the weight and the warranty package.

3. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw — Impressive Maneuverability

With impressive maneuverability and high power, this BLACK+DECKER cordless chainsaw makes for great mobility and supports different angles and positions an operator has to deliver excellent results. The manufacturer claims that the tool can work on various materials.


This chainsaw makes for great mobility and maneuverability. With its impressive handling, an operator can move from one angle to the other to deliver excellent sawing results. The chainsaw is also quite versatile and can work for various materials without compromising the surface areas. Due to its lightweight, it doesn’t stress the operator when the operator has to move with the chainsaw.

The chainsaw comes with an impressive design that has a slip-free feature and a shock-absorbing feature. With these features, an operator can effectively handle the tool without risking accidents or tripping off. This also allows the operator to firmly place the chainsaw on the cut line and achieve a great precision level.

Easy To Use

This chainsaw is easy to use. It requires no special skill for an operator to use it. It comes assembled, and you can get started after purchasing. Also, all that is needed to make the most of the chainsaw is contained in the instructional manual.

High Efficiency

The chainsaw comes with a fast oil-change feature through which an operator can check the oil, and change or fill it accordingly. With the oil system, there is adequate lubrication of the chainsaw’s vital parts, thereby reducing friction and strengthening the service life of the chainsaw.

It also comes with a tool-less tension adjustment feature, through which adjustments can be made without the use of tools. This makes for on-the-job adjustment, which makes for improved performance. The chainsaw also has an impressive battery life that allows an operator to work for a reasonable period without charging.

  • High maneuverability owing to its lightweight design.
  • This chainsaw is easy to use and handle.
  • Adequate oiling system.
  • Users complain about the noise.

4. Worx WG322.9 20V Power Share Cordless 10-inch Chainsaw — Quick Clean Cuts

This cordless chainsaw offers excellent cuts that follow the cut-line with great precision. As a 20V Powershare chainsaw, it has high power which allows it to cut through tough wood. This is one chainsaw that works effectively whether you’re using it for heavy duties or garden works.

High Efficiency And Cost-Effective

This chainsaw is highly effective, owing to its impressive features. It comes with an auto chain tension system that ensures that the chainsaw always has the right tension level for every sawing need. It also comes with an auto-oiling function which helps to lubricate the vital components at all times. This reduces friction and strengthens the service life of the chainsaws, thereby ensuring that the chainsaw remains powerful. More so, with the oil indicator, an operator gets to know the oil level, as against being caught off-guard.

The chainsaw is highly cost-effective because you can share the batteries. It is compatible with every chainsaw in its class, which means that an operator can use another chainsaw battery to run it.

With its chain running at a speed of 12.5ft/s, the chainsaw will cut through any size of log you’re cutting. This makes it highly powerful, and perfect for tough jobs. When this is combined with the impressive handling and auto-tension feature, the chainsaw’s sawing experience is highly smooth and accurate.

Compact Design

This chainsaw is designed with a smart design that makes it lightweight. This makes for improved mobility. The manufacturer claims that the chainsaw can support various angles from which you can cut through the wood. The chainsaw’s design is one that makes for comfort and convenience. The chainsaw is also made to have a reduced noise level, that will make the sawing application a peaceful and pleasurable one for the operator.

Easy To Use

An operator doesn’t require any particular skill to use this chainsaw. All that is needed is contained in the instructional manual. More so, given the auto-functions that come with the chainsaw, the chainsaw is easy to use and handle. Its impressive design also makes for great and firm handling, which reduces the risk of the chainsaw tripping off.

  • Compact design that makes the chainsaw lightweight and mobile.
  • Several auto-functions that make the application process convenient.
  • Adjustable chain tension.
  • Easy to use and handle.
  • High precision
  • Users complain about the warranty.
  • Users complain about the emissions.
  • The chainsaw is a bit on the high side.

5. CRAFTSMAN V60 Cordless Chainsaw — Extended Battery Life

If you are looking for an arborist chainsaw powered by batteries, and which can go on for a long period, this Craftsman V60 chainsaw is one of the best that can deliver effective results for a long period.

Long Run Time

This chainsaw has a health run period which can serve an operator for an extended period. With its 60V batteries, an operator can work for reasonably long periods without needing to recharge. This allows an operator to do more.

Why Consider Craftsman Cordless Chainsaw

This chainsaw has an impressive level of precision, which enables the chainsaw to follow the cut-line accurately. The precision is also owing to the impressive design, which makes for great handling and control.

The chainsaw also requires minimal maintenance. This is because it has auto-functions like the oiling system, which supplies oil to the needed parts to prevent friction and keep the parts running. It also has the low-kickback feature, which makes for safety and improved performance. The parts of this chainsaw are also replaceable where there is a need for that.

  • Impressive design and controls.
  • Easy to maintain with the auto-functions.
  • Low noise level.
  • Users complain about the warranty package.
  • Users complain about the weight.


If you are looking to get an arborist chainsaw, any of the above chainsaws is likely to adequately meet your demands. These arborist chainsaws are the best in the market with top features that make for ease and convenience. The chainsaws come with auto-functions which allow the system to function effectively with minimal effort. With this guide, you can make more informed choices when getting your arborist chainsaw.

Look out for arborist chainsaws with excellent warranty packages, and features that make for efficiency. This will guarantee durability and excellence.

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