Best Corded Jigsaws 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best corded jigsaws may be tricky. There are certain features you need to look out for when shopping to get your jigsaw. If attention is not paid to these features, a buyer may end up with jigsaws that will not serve the needs for which they are bought. I understand how challenging shopping for the best corded jigsaws may be. This is why I examined the market and brought you the best jigsaws that can serve your needs without complicating results or needing special skills for operation. These are corded jigsaws that you can handle yourself and suit your cutting needs.

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Best Corded Jigsaws in December, 2021

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Bosch JS260 review
Bosch JS260
  • Bevel shoe: 0-45°
  • Speed: 0-3,100 SPM

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  • Bevel shoe: 0-45°
  • Speed: 0-3,200 SPM

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Ryobi JS481LG review
Ryobi JS481LG
  • Bevel shoe: 0-45°
  • Speed: 600-3,000 SPM

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SKIL JS313101 review
SKIL JS313101
  • Bevel shoe: 0-45°
  • Speed: 0-3,000 SPM

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SKIL JS314901 review
SKIL JS314901
  • Bevel shoe: 0-45°
  • Speed: 0-3,000 SPM

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  • Bevel shoe: 0-45°
  • Speed: 0-3,000 SPM

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  • Bevel shoe: 0-45°
  • Speed: 0-3,000 SPM

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1. Bosch JS260 Jigsaw – Best Corded Jigsaw for Woodworking

The Bosch JS260 Jigsaw is a corded electric jigsaw that delivers good value for its price. Its motor provides excellent power that is suitable for cutting irregular shapes or making designs on various materials. This jigsaw is quite versatile as it allows for a wide range of settings to fit the specific task you might want to use it for. As with other corded jigsaws, this device is well suited for extended working hours either for professional use or DIY tasks.

Great Performance

This jigsaw is equipped with a powerful 6.0 Amp motor that delivers up to 3,100 strokes per minute. With this kind of power, this jigsaw performs well in various uses and would make effective cuts in materials ranging from wood to metal or ceramic. Therefore, this product would be able to satisfy multiple construction and DIY needs that it might be used for.


While this jigsaw might not be ideal for freehand use because of its weight, it compensates for this with improved handling for more heavy use. The device features an ergonomic top handle with a two-finger trigger that allows for a reliable and comfortable grip. This makes for a more convenient working experience with minimal soreness of the fingers. The device is also equipped with an ambidextrous lock-on button that ensures comfort and control, especially during long working periods.

This jigsaw is built with a low-vibration plunging design. This allows for better cutting accuracy and an overall smooth working experience. Also, the heavy-gauge steel footplate on the jigsaw improves sturdiness on materials.


This jigsaw is designed for a wide range of surfaces that require different speeds for optimal performance. The device is equipped with variable speed control that includes a dial to manually set the speed and an accelerator trigger to control speed. Thus, the jigsaw can be easily adjusted to the ideal rate for the particular task at hand.

Furthermore, this jigsaw features four orbital-action settings that allow you to control the type of cuts the jigsaw delivers. The device can be set to make cuts varying from smooth to aggressive depending on the surface being worked on and the end product desired.

  • Excellent Power.
  • Decent Versatility.
  • The cord could be a downside for some users.
  • Users complain that the angle settings are defective.

2. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw – Best Jigsaw for Crafts and Cutting Curves

Suppose you are after a device that can deliver competent performance in a variety of applications without having you break the bank. In that case, the Power-Cable Orbital Jigsaw might be a good place to start. This corded electric jigsaw gives excellent value for its price. It delivers sufficient power to enable you to perform projects efficiently. It is also quite versatile in terms of the kind of projects and materials you can use it for. It is also suitable for both professional and domestic uses.


This jigsaw is equipped with a powerful 6 Amp motor that delivers up to 3200 RPM. For most users, this power is adequate to perform various projects satisfactorily. This powerful motor allows the device to deliver excellent performance and results in a wide range of materials, whether in professional or DIY use. Additionally, an electric cord’s existence translates to unlimited working hours, making it suitable for extended use. Users do not have to worry about changing batteries or charging in between projects, which increases productivity as there is less down time.


The versatility on this jigsaw is quite good. Different materials, ranging from wood to metal, require different speeds to achieve good results. As such, this jigsaw features a 7-position speed dial that gives users more control over speed settings to allow for a wider range of applications. Thus, users can easily choose the speed setting to return the best result in their respective projects.

The device also features four orbital settings, which allows users to alter the device for the best cutting performance with varying materials. The jigsaw can be set to cut from smooth to aggressive, depending on what best fits the project at hand. The jigsaw is also compatible with both T and U shank cutting blades.

Impressive Working Experience

This jigsaw has a variety of features that improves the overall working experience. One is the handle that is designed to enhance user comfort and control during use. Also, the jigsaw features a lock-on button that prevents the user from tiring out, especially over prolonged usage.

Blade replacements on this jigsaw are made faster and easier with the tool-free blade change feature.

  • It is quite versatile.
  • Decent performance.
  • It requires getting used to.
  • Some users find the lock-on button difficult to operate.

3. Ryobi JS481LG Jigsaw – Excellent Performance

The Ryobi JS481LG jigsaw is a product to consider if you are looking for a corded electric jigsaw that ticks all the essential boxes while still relatively affordable. This jigsaw is one that delivers massive value for its price. Its performance is decent across various users, making the jigsaw suitable for professional and DIY users alike. In addition, this jigsaw has most of the useful features you could require in such a device at this price point.

Good Performance

This jigsaw is equipped with a powerful and efficient 4.8 Amp motor that can run at a speed of up to 300 SPM. This motor makes the jigsaw quite competent for most domestic and construction tasks users could throw at it. The jigsaw also delivers decent performance with a wide range of materials it can be used on.

Furthermore, this jigsaw uses a cord means that this power is not limited to a particular period. Unlike jigsaws that use batteries, this jigsaw can be used for lengthy periods inasmuch as the device remains connected to a socket. This is suitable for people who work on time-consuming projects, it also maintains productivity by removing project downtime from replacing batteries or charging.

Excellent Experience

There are many features offered in this device that generally translate to a better working experience for users. This jigsaw comes with an in-built dust blower that blows away debris and dust from the user’s line of sight. It improves general visibility and also helps users follow cut lines with more precision.

The jigsaw also features an onboard LED lighting system that illuminates dim work surfaces, thereby improving visibility. The rubber over-grip on the handle of the jigsaw improves handling while maintaining user comfort. The jigsaw’s power cord is 6 feet long to reduce restraint as much as possible.


The jigsaw features a speed match dial that controls orbital action, which allows the user to vary cut quality or speed setting. This allows the device to deliver good results across a variety of projects or materials that can be worked on. This jigsaw also has a footplate that is adjustable up to 45 degrees. This is to accommodate for uneven surfaces.

  • Decent Versatility,
  • Great working experience.
  • Good performance.
  • Some users might consider the cord as a downside.

4. SKIL 5 JS313101 Jigsaw – Best Jigsaw under $100 for The Money

If you are looking for a jigsaw that delivers massive value for money while still ticking most of the essential boxes, the SKIL 5 (JS313101) Jigsaw might be the right place to start. This device delivers adequate power to handle most of the construction and domestic projects people would use it for. It also possesses an adequate level of versatility that makes it deliver decent performance across a wide range of applications. It does all this while still being relatively affordable.

Decent Performance

This jigsaw is equipped with an efficient and powerful 5 Amp motor that delivers a speed of up to 3000 SPM. This motor allows the jigsaw to provide decent performance when cutting hard materials ranging from wood to metal. The jigsaw is, thus, suitable for both professional and DIY users. This jigsaw features a 4-stage orbital function that allows users to control speed to deliver precision in a wide range of applications.

The jigsaw makes use of a power cord to deliver its power, which makes it more suitable for users who work for more extended periods. The device also removes project downtime from having to charge and change batteries that might affect productivity.

Impressive Application Process

The jigsaw has a dust-blowing feature that clears dust and debris from impeding the user’s line of sight. This improves the visibility of the cut line, thereby contributing to a better working experience. In addition, the jigsaw has a tool-free blade change feature that allows users to change blades quickly without any fuss.

  • Decent performance.
  • Great working experience.
  • Some users might consider the cord as a downside.
  • Users complain that it is a bit on the heavy side.

5. Skil 6 JS314901 Amp Corded Jig Saw — High Cutting Efficiency

This 6 Amp jigsaw provides excellent cutting results with its impressive cutting ability, making it a versatile device for many surfaces. Its cutting efficiency is high, and this makes its cutting results accurate and neat without messing up the surface of the material you work on.


If you are looking for a highly efficient device, this jigsaw might be a good fit. Its 4-stage orbital function cuts through materials very smoothly, and its application is excellent across various materials. It not only delivers excellent results but is also versatile for several surfaces. This makes it a preferred choice as it is powerful and even works on hard materials that may prove difficult. Its results are impressive, and this adds to the rate of efficiency of the device itself.

Great Handling

This device has excellent handling that makes it more convenient to handle while in the application. With its impressive handling, you can fit it into the different positions you may occupy while using it. This improves the comfort the device brings and also adds to its overall easy-to-use index. It also has a quick adjustment feature through which you can adjust the device’s bevel to achieve certain angled cuttings. This takes away the use of tools for that process, as you can adjust with the quick-fix feature. It also comes with a 2-finger speed control, which offers you the ability to swiftly control the device. This makes for increased control and level of independence an operator has while working.

Swift Blade Change

An operator can replace the blades as quickly as possible. The easy blade change feature makes the device a fitting one for homeowners and on-site workers. You can easily switch from one blade to another without wasting time or taking too long before you switch. This makes for speed and also saves you time during the period of application. If an operator feels that a particular blade type will do an excellent job, the operator can quickly use this feature to make a swift switch and continue with the job.

  • You can swiftly change the blades to suit your needs.
  • The precision of the device is great.
  • You can conveniently control the device with the 2-finger control feature.
  • The jigsaw is corded, and as such, the cord may hinder an operator during application.
  • The cord limits your movement.

6. TECCPO TAJS01P 6.5 Amp Jigsaw — Highly Powerful

TECCPO 6.5 jigsaw is one of the best in the market with a high level of sawing power. This device can cut through different materials with its high abilities that make it an efficient device. If you are looking to make incisive cuts on materials such as ceramics or any other, this device is a good fit.


This device comes with six-speed settings and a power of 3000 spm. This makes it highly powerful and sufficient enough to deliver excellent cutting services on your materials. With its various speed settings, this device accommodates different levels of speed and makes for comfort. This means an operator can deal fast where necessary and can also go moderately or even slower where there is a need. This makes for a comprehensive sawing process through which an operator can have a maximized sawing experience all through. The motor rotation is high and can get to as much as 3000 strokes every minute. Yet, despite the fast rate at which the device goes, its heating process is cool and doesn’t make for overheating.

Quicker Effects

This is one device that delivers fast results. As a result of its high power, it can go fast and produce lasting results within a short period. These immediate effects make it a preferred device for workers looking to get things done as quickly as possible. With its various speed settings, the device can meet different cutting demands, thereby improving its efficiency and ability to deliver results on time. With the settings, you do not need an external tool to tune the speed of the device. This increased comfort and reduces the amount of time spent on sawing without compromising the value of results produced.

The device also comes with a 4-position orbital feature, which makes for a quicker cutting process and improves the device’s precision. With great precision, the device hits the target clearly and makes the cutting at the right spots.


The device is durable, as it comes with the dust extraction feature, which helps keep the device safe from external elements that could cause adverse effects. The dust extraction feature prevents dust and all forms of dirt from accumulating in the jigsaw’s vital parts. It also keeps the cut line clear of dust, which makes for improved visibility and allows for adequate precision to get the aim of the cutting.

The device also comes with a lock-on button through which you can keep the device running without the need to keep pressing the switch. This reduces the level of use and fatigue the device faces and makes it last long.

  • This device comes with a quick-change feature through which operators can change blades.
  • Easy handling and convenient for use.
  • High power and high efficiency.
  • It is electric-powered which means it requires a constant power supply.
  • Users say it may be noisy.

7. CRAFTSMAN CMES610 Jig Saw — Ease And Convenience

Designed by CRAFTSMAN, this jigsaw comes with top-notch features that make for its ease and convenience. The device adjusts easily and allows for excellent positioning that lets the operator cut as desired. The position adjustment makes for adequate precision and allows the results of the sawing process to be impressive.

Ease And Convenience

One thing to look out for in getting a jigsaw is the level of convenience it affords. This CRAFTSMAN device makes for good convenience with its compatibility with the T&U blades. This makes it a preferred device that isn’t difficult to use. Whichever of the blades an operator intends to use, the device accommodates it. This makes for versatility and availability as you do not need to get a different device because you need to use a different blade.

The device also has great handling with its over-molded handling method. This handling design makes it easy to operate the device and get the desired result. This makes for increased comfort and ensures adequate convenience during the moment the device is in use.

High Power And Varying Speeds

This device is recommended for its high power and speeds. With up to 3000 spms, this device rotates at high speed that makes it deliver excellent cuts on the surfaces it is being used on. It is also precise and cuts right to the chase without compromising the material being cut or the material’s texture. Its dust extract helps to make the cut line visible, thereby ensuring that the right spots only are cut.

It also comes with different speed settings. With extra speed settings, an operator can set the device to the pace that matches the needs of the sawing application. If there is a need to go fast, the operator can adjust the setting. Where there is a need to go slower, the operator can equally adjust the setting accordingly. This makes for improved comfort and efficiency. It also ensures that the application process is adequately maximized.

Cut Adjustment And Warranty

The device comes with the cut adjustment feature through which an operator can adjust the settings of the device’s aggressiveness to fit the material being worked on. So, if the material is hard and there is a need to increase the aggressiveness of the device, the 4-orbital setting provides the avenue for that. This makes the device compatible with various materials.

The device also comes with a 3-year warranty that ensures that you can return the device where it gets damaged on its own or not serve its needs. Also, where the device is performing below par, a buyer can return the device.

  • The device has excellent handling, which makes it compatible with different positions.
  • You can adjust the cut aggressiveness. It also comes with various speed settings.
  • It delivers great results.
  • The cord may prove as a hindrance during applications.

Best Corded Jigsaw – Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best jigsaws requires some levels of scrutiny to ensure every buy receives the value for their money. This is crucial because there are many jigsaws in the market, and not all will serve your needs. This makes it essential to understand the key features to look out for when getting your jigsaw. In the absence of these features, the jigsaw may not adequately serve your needs, especially for an extended period. The buyer’s guide also exposes a buyer to the designs and understanding behind a jigsaw, the safe practices, and how best to maximize a jigsaw. With this, you can make more informed decisions when buying your jigsaw. Bite in.

Understanding A Jigsaw

A jigsaw is manufactured to serve some cutting needs on different materials. It is used to cut through materials such as ceramics to create a particular design or cut through it for some other purposes. This device is a power tool, and it is one of the power tools used for home improvement. If you are the type who loves to DIY, this device is one of the power tools you want to have at home to serve your cutting needs. You can cut different shapes, such as curves and stenciled designs. They are also versatile power tools effective for site workers who have to do some cutting during site activities.

The notion of a jigsaw came from a sewing machine, and a Swiss manufacturer first designed it in the mid-20th century. The designer’s name was Albert Kauffman, who designed the jigsaw to mimic the sewing machine, but in a more compact way and one which can be easily handled. The aim was to make for intricate and precise cutting on various materials, including wood. Following that period, several manufacturers have taken the forefront in designing some of the best jigsaws in the market. The jigsaws’ functionalities are no longer limited, as they can now make several cuttings across different materials. From masonry materials to metal pipes, jigsaws have become forerunner power tools for cutting and making shaped curves.

Now that the market is saturated with jigsaws, it becomes more essential to have a buyer’s guide that protects your interest. When you know how a jigsaw should work, you will understand the features you need to look out for when shopping for one. One of the things to consider is the handling method of the jigsaw. A jigsaw must make for a comfortable handling method because you’ll be holding it for an extended period, for as long as the application lasts. This means the handling must be excellent and make for different positions to ensure you can adjust and stand comfortably.

The range of the saw is another thing to consider. You have to consider the efficiency and strength of the saw, how incisive it can go, and how many materials it can work with. A good jigsaw should make provisions for cutting settings and speed settings. An operator must adjust the speed to suit the different speed needs that may arise during the application. The device must also be compatible with other blades such that the operator can work on different materials. The compatibility of the blade is essential.

Corded Jigsaws

These jigsaws come with a cord, and they are constantly in power for them to be used. There must be a power outlet supplying power to the jigsaw to ensure it adequately serves the needs it has to serve. This type of jigsaw is best used at close proximity as the cord may prevent the operator from being too mobile or moving around. If you are looking to cut through hard materials, these types of jigsaws are the best because they are thorough. The thoroughness is due to the constant power support that ensures that they are serviced continuously with power and can keep on cutting through hard materials for an extended period. These jigsaws can be connected to a power outlet or a generator that provides a constant power supply.

These tools are highly reliable. The manufacturers design them with protective electric motors that ensure the rotation doesn’t lead to overheating. They also come with a saw blade that keeps reciprocating.

However, the presence of a cord is one of the downsides of this device. The cord may hinder the movement of the operator and also affects efficiency during the application process. There is also the fear of sawing the cord during the application. These things cause the operator to exercise more care, which might be draining and too time-consuming. This makes the corded jigsaw not a perfect fit if you need to move about and stay mobile or if you have to work on a site and get to specific places.

What are the advantages of using a corded jigsaw?

Corded jigsaws are considered to be more powerful, have all the features you need, and are easier to control. Corded saws cut through wood quickly and accurately because they don’t lose power when working for long periods of time or driving screws into different materials. They come with a variety of blade lengths that allow users to choose which length they prefer or is best suited for their project. There is also more mobility with cordless jigsaws but if your work requires lots of cutting, screwing, or drilling, go for the corded version as it will last longer on one charge.

What Can I Use A Jigsaw For?

There are various tasks you can use a jigsaw for. It is essentially meant to serve cutting needs. As such, once you have cutting needs that require a power tool, a jigsaw is appropriate. Jigsaws are often preferred to traditional and circular saws for safety reasons. Jigsaws are safer as the cutting process itself is highly automated. The operator merely has to handle the saw and guide the cutting. This makes jigsaws preferred and also more fit for tasks. Jigsaws are even more precise and can make angled cuts rather efficiently. They have a great precision level that helps map out the line to cut and delivers excellent results.

More so, they are fit for different purposes. Asides from direct cutting, you can use jigsaws for shaped curves and designs. They can be adequately used for cutting and remodeling wood sections. If you also have the need to upcycle or repurpose, jigsaws can deliver excellent services to match the needs. They are also easily adjustable, and this makes for improved efficiency during application. You can adjust the speed settings and the aggressiveness settings such that it matches speed needs and the needs of varying materials respectively.

Jigsaws can perform cutting tasks on different materials, including the following:

  1. Wood: You can use a jigsaw on wood to make incisive cuts and different shaped designs that you need. It works effectively without compromising the material or the wood texture.
  2. Plastic: Jigsaws also work efficiently with plastics without messing up the surface. You can use jigsaws to cut through your plastic where you need the cut to be precise and accurate.
  3. Metal: Metals are hard materials, but you can use your jigsaw to cut through them effectively. You can set the aggressiveness adjustment up a bit to match the needs of the metal to aid the precise cutting.
  4. Ceramic: Ceramic is also a material that can prove challenging, but with a jigsaw, you can get through it. Use your jigsaw to cut through the ceramics by readjusting the aggressiveness if there is a need for that.

Safe Use Of Jigsaws

A jigsaw is a power tool. There are safety measures that you need to consider when making your cuts and through the application generally. These safety measures will ensure that you maximize the process and ensure that you are kept safe all through.

To start with, you need to wear the right PPE and every other safety equipment and gear that will keep you physically safe. Your safety is crucial in the process, and you need to put on safety gear that will ensure this. Also, ensure you use goggles and a face mask to protect your facial region from dust and external elements that could spark and fly around. These will keep you physically safe and also protect you from sparks of fire where there is any.

You need also to ensure that you have adequately fixed the blades. Improperly fixed blades can cause accidents during application. The blade could spin off and injure you or cause damage to something vital in the room. Therefore, you need to check the instructions in the manual to ensure that you adequately place the blades to fit appropriately for what you intend to use them for. Often, the best placements of the blade and its suitability are specified on the label of the device.

You have to also ensure that the material you are cutting is tightly clamped to the surface you’re working on. This will make for precision and also provide the material isn’t moving about while you’re trying to cut it. Also, ensure the current area doesn’t go beyond the edges of the surface you’re working on. Consider the line you draw with your pencil carefully. The line must be accurate so that you can precisely make the cut. The line’s essence is to map out the place you intend to cut and prevent over-cutting of the material. The better the accuracy of the line, the better the precision of the cut will be.

You also need to ensure that you pay attention to the process. Once there is a need to adjust the settings of the jigsaw, especially concerning speed, you change it. Cutting at a slow rate when you should be cutting at a fast rate causes overheating for the device and may affect its efficiency and also impact its durability. You can adjust speed settings appropriately to ensure you’re not cutting wrongly. Also, you need to hold the device tightly when you are cutting. This is why you need devices with excellent handling so that you can firmly hold them while you’re making the cut. This is to ensure the device doesn’t trip and fall off, which may cause accidents. The device should be firmly held against the material you’re working on. This may require some adjustments based on the material and the resistance that comes with it.

Cut along the line you have drawn. If you experience some kickback, you may have to reduce the cutting speed. This is why you should get jigsaws with variable speeds that can be adjusted to suit your speed needs.

How to Choose a Jigsaw


There are different manufacturers making jigsaws, some of which are the best in the market. You can decide to choose your jigsaw based on a brand’s reputation. Some of the brands making top jigsaws in the market are DeWALT, Bosch, and Makatia. Their tools are used across various places, and they offer great features that can best suit your needs. If you need to get a jigsaw from any of the brands, ensure to read reviews, and also study the features of the devices themselves. You can also compare and contrast the brands.


Speed is a crucial part of your jigsaw. You need to consider how fast it goes per minute and whether it makes for speed adjustments. Speeds concerning jigsaws are measured in two ways: either by strokes per minute or rotation per minute. You can also categorize speed as either fixed or variable. Fixed means there is a single speed method for the application, and you cannot change or adjust. However, variable speeds, on the other hand, mean that you can adjust the speed settings and set it to low or fast depending on the nature of the material and your speed needs. It is advisable to go for variable speed.

It is safe to start your application with a low speed to determine the operation of the device and how fast it goes. By observing the operation of the speed, you can then decide whether to increase it or not.


The voltage of a jigsaw matters when you consider the kinds of tasks you intend to carry out and on what types of materials. This will be influenced by the hardness and thickness of the material. Although the voltage doesn’t directly influence the power of the device, it is worthy of consideration as it indicates the suitability level of the device to the connection.


A good company is going to make sure that the jigsaw they sell you is a high-quality product with a great motor life. Pay attention to this and if possible, ask somebody with experience in the field of woodworking or DIYs what their opinion on certain models or brands might be – there is nothing like knowledge from an experienced person!

Ease of use

Just as important as how your jigsaw performs, you need to think about how easy it’s going to be for you to use it. A poorly designed saw will not only frustrate you but also cause accidents due to bad cuts. This can be dangerous and time-consuming so look out for those features that help out with blade changing and similar things. Check out how easy it is to change the blades if you’re going to use this for an extended period of time. This can be very taxing on your body however, luckily there are some models that have grips positioned strategically to reduce this straining.

Dust Management

Most jigsaws tend to throw dust around as you cut and this can be very dangerous so check out if the product comes with a great dust management system. A powerful vacuum is needed for efficient cleaning and it will help your overall work by making sure that there are no hazardous airborne particles.

Manual or Automatic Brake

Most modern saws come with an automatic brake which stops the blade from spinning right away when you let go of the trigger. This feature makes sure that the blade doesn’t keep spinning and becomes a hazard for your fingers or nearby objects, however, some products have manual brakes which also serve well but at a much slower pace.


When choosing a jigsaw make sure it has a design that you feel comfortable with. Some products are lightweight and easy to hold but sometimes they can be difficult to control because of their weight or size, so choose one that will fit your hand comfortably.


Some saws come with additional accessories like blades, carrying cases, vacuum hoses etc. which could help you do the job better so check if it has something useful along with the tool before buying it.

Bevel Adjustment

Jigsaws can be adjusted according to the angle of your cut which means you can make tight turns without breaking the material. Make sure this feature is available on the jigsaw. If it doesn’t have any then it would be difficult to do angled cuts without making multiple straight cuts.

Laser Guide

This feature is an added advantage that provides a beam to help you make perfect cuts on your material. This feature provides better and more accurate results and it’s always available in high-end jigsaws.


Vibration is an essential feature of a jigsaw. If the jigsaw vibrates then it will be difficult for you to control your cuts and straight lines. Low vibration makes it easier to cut with better results. Vibration can also cause eye strain so it’s best to check this feature before buying a jigsaw.

Stroke Length

This refers to the distance through which the blade will move in one complete cycle. It largely depends on the kind of task that needs to be done, e.g., if you need more aggressive cutting then increase this value otherwise if smooth precise cuts are needed then reduce this value accordingly.


Most of the jigsaw produce high noise levels. Check this carefully to avoid ear damage. At the same time, it’s also advisable not to use earplugs as they can cause muffling of sound and affect your awareness about blade movement. The best way is to wear hearing protection devices like ear muffs or helmets that can effectively block loud noise without affecting your audibility.

Saw Blade Types

There are different blades for different cutting needs. The blade is a crucial part of your device as it determines the speeds of cutting and its intensity. It also determines the finishing of the work. The blades can be categorized along with different areas such as teeth number, shank type, material composition, or how suitable it is for the material in use. There are also multi-purpose blades that serve several needs and make for improved convenience and affordability. However, if you need to cut certain materials, you may have to use some specific blades designed purposely for those materials. Some of the common blade types include:

  1. T-Shank Blades: These blades are highly compatible with different devices, and they are some of the standard blades in the market. They fit in easily with many jigsaws and also perform well. This accounts for why they are familiar.
  2. U-Shank Blades: These blades are also standard in the market, and they fit different jigsaws. They are not as common as T-shank blades because many jigsaws today only make provision for tool-less blades.

Maintaining Your Jigsaw

Maintenance is crucial to the durability of a jigsaw. There is a need to safely use the jigsaw in accordance with the instructions on the manual. This ensures that the jigsaw remains efficient and lasts for an extended period. If you are looking to purchase a jigsaw, you should have a regular maintenance schedule to take good care of the jigsaw and keep it in perfect shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Jigsaw Cut Through Plywood?

A jigsaw is a power tool that can cut through several materials, whether hard or not. Some of the materials it can cut through is plywood and wood generally. The device delivers efficient cutting results on these materials once you use it adequately. All you need to do is set your cut-line and then hold the device firmly against the plywood. This will give you impressive results. You can also use a jigsaw to make design curves in the plywood. If you intend to create designs or certain shapes, you can use your jigsaw for that.

Jigsaws are also safe for use and even safer than traditional saws that require more labor. With jigsaws, you can get great results with much less fatigue. So, yes, a jigsaw can cut plywood. All you need do is place the wood well, make your cut-line, and handle the jigsaw rightly.

Can a jigsaw cut metal?

Metals are some of the hardest materials, but you can cut them with a jigsaw. A jigsaw can cut various materials, including ceramics, plastic, wood, and metal. This question often arises because some believe metals are too hard for a jigsaw. However, that is not so. With a jigsaw, you can do an excellent job with neat results.

You need to ensure you wear your protective gear when cutting your metal because there can be sparks. To stay protected and protect your environment, you need to wear your safety equipment and keep the environment safe. Create your cut-line and start the application. For metals, you need to pay attention to your speed settings and adjust it accordingly when you feel the need for more aggressiveness. So, yes, a jigsaw can cut metals, all you need do is follow the instructions carefully.

What Are Best Brands To Choose While Purchasing The Jigsaw?

Different brands in the market make jigsaws. You can get your jigsaw from any. However, for the best jigsaws that can serve your needs, some of those brands are at the top as they produce jigsaws with top features that best suit a homeowner or site worker’s needs. They include Bosch, DeWALT, and Makita. These brands manufacture jigsaws with impressive speeds that can be adjusted to suit the needs of several applications. Their tools are used across various places, and they offer great features that can best suit your needs. If you need to get a jigsaw from any of the brands, ensure to read reviews, and also study the features of the devices themselves. This will further let you gain insights into what you’re buying. Also, always compare and contrast jigsaws from these brands.

How To Choose The Right Jigsaw?

Choosing the right jigsaw can be a challenging thing. Jigsaws are power tools, and they remain crucial to cutting needs. However, it may be challenging to get the best ones in the market to serve your needs. This makes it essential to understand how to choose the right jigsaw.

Different factors can guide your choice when choosing the right jigsaw. One of such is speed. You need to consider the speed of the jigsaw you are choosing and the strokes/rotations per minute. The best jigsaws have within 2 500 to 3 000 or more rotations per minute. This means they have high power and can cut a wide area at a fast rate. So, speed is crucial to choosing the right jigsaw.

Also, consider the brand you’re choosing from. The brands that make the best jigsaws include Bosch, DeWALT, and Makatia. Even though these are top brands, always ensure you compare and contrast their devices. Handling type is also another crucial thing to consider to choose the right jigsaws. You’ll be holding your jigsaw for a reasonably long period. It is only suitable that you get the one that has great handling.

Which Is Better? Jigsaw Or Reciprocating Saw?

The two saws are considered useful and crucial for cutting needs. However, while they are both functional, they have different requirements which they serve. So, the better one will depend on your needs. Reciprocating saws are not as precise as jigsaws, but they are more powerful, and they are better when it comes to demolition projects. On the other hand, jigsaws are more accurate and better when it comes to getting detailed works done. With jigsaws, you can get to difficult places that are hard to reach. So, you can see both are useful but better for different purposes. Therefore, you need first to identify why you need a jigsaw before determining which of the two fits.

Which Is Better? Jigsaw Or Circular Saw?

Jigsaws and circular saws are both useful, but their purposes are different. With a jigsaw, you can make precise and incisive cuts. It has a delicate job of cutting through the cut-line and delivering excellent results. You need jigsaws for those detailed jobs where you have to cut across areas and reach difficult places. On the other hand, the job of circular saws is straightforward. They are suitable for making quick cuts on wood. So, you see that the difference between the two lies on why you need to cut. If you need to make intricate cuts that will be precise along the cut-line, you need the jigsaw. However, if you are looking to make a sharp and quick cut, you should look towards circular saws for a quick job.

What Is A Jigsaw Good For?

A jigsaw is good for many things. You can use it to make incisive cuts on various materials. It is a power tool that helps to serve your cutting needs without compromising the material or the surface. If you also need to make shaped curves or designs in your wood, a jigsaw is a perfect tool for that purpose. Its precision puts it in a position of being a preferred saw type when it comes to home improvements. Homeowners can conveniently handle it and use it on their materials. Its handling is excellent, and its process is automated and requires less labor. All you need to do is draw your cut-line and hold the jigsaw firmly against the material. The common materials a jigsaw works effectively on are:

  1. Wood: You can use a jigsaw on a wood to make incisive cuts and different shaped designs that you need. It works effectively without compromising the material or the wood texture.
  2. Plastic: Jigsaws also work efficiently with plastics without messing up the surface. You can use jigsaws to cut through your plastic where you need the cut to be precise and accurate.
  3. Metal: Metals are hard materials, but you can use your jigsaw to cut through them effectively. You can set the aggressiveness adjustment up a bit to match the needs of the metal to aid the precise cutting.
  4. Ceramic: Ceramic is also a material that can prove challenging, but with a jigsaw, you can get through it. Use your jigsaw to cut through the ceramics by readjusting the aggressiveness if there is a need for that.

Why Does My Jigsaw Vibrate?

Often when the jigsaw vibrates, it is because of the process of application. The jigsaw is a power tool working against a surface, whether hard or not. For hard surfaces, the chances of vibration occurring is high, as the device will be grinding against a tough surface. So, the combination of the forces and movement during this process is often what leads to vibration. So, if your jigsaw is vibrating, you most likely have no reason to worry. It is a reaction from the entire process.

How Do I Choose A Jigsaw Blade?

The blades of your jigsaw are essential parts of the jigsaw. This is because the blades do the main job of cutting the surface. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right jigsaw blade. There are different kinds of blades. The T-Shank and The U-Shank are the most common blade types. When choosing blades, it is advisable to choose blades that fit in quickly and are also universal. These kinds of blades are easily replaceable, and this makes for comfort when you have to replace the blades.

It is also advisable to choose tool-less blades as they can be easily adjusted without having to touch hot blades. They are also the most common forms of blades currently. This accounts for why the U-Shank is not as common as the T-Shank because it’s not a tool-less blade. Also, during the application, you may have to change blades. The primary consideration here is to choose the blade based on the need for the material you’re working on.

Why Is My Jigsaw Cutting At An Angle?

Your jigsaw may be cutting at an angle because of how you have set it or because of your positioning. If your jigsaw is cutting at an angle, check the blade settings and the general setting as well. If the blade has shifted from its original place, refix it and make it firm.


The term “jigsaw” is not limited to the quiz game many are familiar with. It also has to do with a device used for cutting different materials and creating specific designs in those materials. With a jigsaw, there are several cutting activities you can carry on in your home without the need for a particular skill. Whether you intend to use a jigsaw for some home improvement services or professional works, you need to use the best ones in the market to get results that will not compromise the surface of your material. The nest jigsaws will deliver excellent results and give you the value of your money.

Getting the best corded jigsaw for your applications can be challenging, but you can serve your cutting needs with the above jigsaws, whether for home improvement or site services. When choosing jigsaws, ensure you read the descriptions and consider the warranty options of each device. This will help you make more informed decisions in buying your jigsaw. There are various features to look out for such as the blades and the brad behind the jigsaw. These factors are crucial to determining the best jigsaws that can serve your needs.

If you want to get the best corded jigsaws, look out for the ones with adjustable speeds. The speed of the jigsaw is an essential part that should be carefully examined. Ensure the speed is above 2500 smps. Also, ensure that the speed setting is adjustable.

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