Best Miter Saw Blades 2022 – Reviews

What happens in the case of a blunt saw blade? Or a missing one? That does not stop the end of the use, right? It only requires replacement and not just any replacement, it has to be the right type of replacement. If you are replacing a blunt blade or a missing one for a miter saw, it has to be a blade of that size as well. Here is a list of some of the best miter saw blades you can get.

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Best Miter Saw Blades in November, 2022

Best Choice
Freud LU91R012 review
Freud LU91R012
  • 12-Inch
  • 72-Tooth

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Freud LU88R010 review
Freud LU88R010
  • 10-Inch
  • 60-Tooth

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DEWALT DWA171460 review
  • 7-1/4-Inch
  • 60-Tooth

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Diablo D0740A review
Diablo D0740A
  • 7-1/4-Inch
  • 40-Tooth

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MARATHON 24030 review
  • 7-1/4-Inch
  • 24-Tooth

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Makita B-61656 review
Makita B-61656
  • 7-1/4-Inch
  • 24-Tooth

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GoYonder 3900 MAX review
GoYonder 3900 MAX
  • 7-1/4-Inch
  • 60-Tooth

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1. Freud 12 Inch 72 Teeth – Best 12 Inch Miter Saw Blade

When you’re looking to save time and money, the last thing you want is for your saw blade to slow down. That’s why Freud’s 12 Inch  72 Teeth Miter Saw Blade features a thin kerf providing you with greater feed rates. With a nowadays negative hook angle design, this blade works seamlessly with sliding miter saws for precise cuts on crown molding without unwanted vibration.

And because cut quality should never suffer due to wear and tear, the Perma-SHIELD coating creates great durability against heat and friction, so slinging slurry doesn’t impede your productivity all day long. Simply put, when it comes to tough cutting jobs that have high standards of finish, you can’t beat the thin kerf, heat, and slurry-resistant segmented tooth design.

Great Performance

The negative hook angle design outperforms the competition by producing smoother cuts requiring less power, as well as leaving a cleaner finish on your workpiece. Not only will the Freud miter saw blade leave you with a stunning cut, but it will also outlast its competitors thanks to its induction-hardened segment teeth which increase durability and up productivity without sacrificing accuracy or cutting speed.

Properly shielded for smoother cuts

The friction which occurs during the cutting process is primarily between the kerf and shield, so it’s critical that these two components are properly balanced. With this in mind, Freud has engineered a Perma-SHIELD coating. This is a significant advancement in terms of durability because it ensures that you’re always shielded from slurry at optimum efficiency.

  • Better Control
  • Faster feed rate
  • Reduces Friction and Heat Buildup
  • Fine Finish
  • Anti-Vibration Design
  • Kind of Expensive
  • Doesn’t cut very clean in woods cause of the rake

2. Freud 10 Inch 60 Teeth – Best 10 Inch Miter Saw Blade

When you’re armed with the Freud 10 Inch 60 Teeth Blade you’ll be able to get the best results from your woodworking. Designed by Freud, it’s made from premium TiCo HI-Density carbide able of providing sharp teeth for greater performance. The blade has a thin kerf reducing waste on every cut and feed, plus there are positive hook angles that produce smoother cuts and reduce the strain put on your saw’s motor. Its Perma-Shield coating will protect this blade from corrosion caused by pitch build-up or chipping off due to overzealous use. That means that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that this is one blade that won’t let you down.

For Any User

This blade is designed for use by professionals and DIYers who need a saw capable of extreme results on any type of wood. The continuous armor coating not only makes this high-performing blade durable, but it provides protection against pitch build-up or chipping off.

Trusted Brand

There is a reason the Freud brand has been trusted by sawyers for many years: they use high-quality materials to produce blades that are able to withstand the heaviest demands of commercial and home conditions with ease.

This Freud 10″ x 60T miter blade is one of the most popular blades on the market today. The reason for this? It’s ideal for making smooth, splinter-free cuts in both dovetail and miter joints; it also offers very precise results when cutting small pieces of wood. Also,  with such a high number of teeth, this blade makes fast work out of even the most tedious jobs.


It is very durable and can withstand everyday wear and tear in commercial and home conditions with ease. This blade is made from high-quality steel and will meet even the most demanding needs.

  • HI-Density Carbide
  • Smoother cut
  • Protecting Coating
  • Thin-Kerf and ATB Teeth
  • May bind up into the wood
  • Rough cuts reported

3. DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch 60-Tooth Miter Saw Blade – Best Miter Saw Blade for Hardwood and Trim

One of the most fascinating features of the Dewalt 7 – ¼-Inch miter saw blade is the number of teeth it has; the saw blade has a large number of teeth totaling about 6 in number. The teeth on the blade make the saw have a great finishing, they are also sharper than most other blades delivering smooth cuts on materials to you.

Made from durable material

The blade is regarded as high quality because of the material it is made of, the Dewalt miter saw blade is made of tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is a resilient material, it gives the blade a sharp cutting edge making them last longer. Asides from the sharpness of the blade, there is an expansion slot that is filled with resin which is also ribbed to make the blade quieter by lessening the vibration.

The Dewalt blade is a popular option among professionals as well as homeowners due to the reliability of the materials used in making the blade. The material gives toughness and long-lasting ability.


The goal of most blades is compatibility with different types of miter saw, the blade has to be able to function properly when placed in a new miter saw. The Dewalt tungsten blade has full optimization to be used by both your corded and cordless saws. Either type of saw you are using; you can have the Dewalt 7-1/4-inch blade compatible with it.

The compatibility feature allows the blade to be versatile and fit for use with different miter saws and on different materials.

Efficient and result producing

There are certain things the blade has in place to make it better equipped for use in cutting materials. The Dewalt blade features a tough coating with anti-stick properties which helps in reducing friction and sticking the blade into materials during application.

The kerf is designed to have smooth operations giving out neat cuts, the product of Dewalt has an anti-kickback shoulder with blades that help in controlling or reducing the kickbacks that can be given by the saw.

  • It has a high safety level with the anti-kickback shoulder
  • It fits in with different types of miter saws.
  • It creates a lot of burrs

4. Freud Diablo 7-1/4 40 Tooth ATB Finishing Saw Blade Diamond Knockout – Sharp cut and Smooth Finishing

The Freud Diablo blades are easily distinguishable due to their brightly colored display of red color. The uniqueness of a miter saw dwells not only on the aesthetical part but its efficiency when put to a work test.

Sharp Razor and smooth cutting

The true test of any blade is its ability to make sharp and smooth cutting. If you need to work with various materials or are involved in construction work, you might need to cut materials into shapes, and these kinds of materials require a sharp and smooth cutting to get a well-fitted design. The Freud Diablo gives you the feel of what smooth and sharp is done, with a total of 40 teeth present.

The blades of a Diabolo is a finishing saw blade, that is specifically built to cater for the effective cutting of materials. The teeth of the blade are also latched with a laser-cut to carry out more precise cutting. The presence of this on a scale allows users maximum utilization of the chainsaw during applications.

Reduced noise

Nobody wants a noisy miter saw, while it is expected that there will be some amount of noise from using a miter saw, nothing out of the ordinary is needed. The Freud Diablo blade comes with a laser-cut stabilizer vent that suppresses noise and vibration made during an application.

The reduction of noise makes your working environment more relaxed giving you a clear level of thinking and making innovative designs

Built to withstand shock

Over a long time when multiple works have been done by a particular miter saw, it tends to degrade in quality and functionality. The Freud blades take away unnecessary degrading as it is designed for durability. The material for production is composed of shock-resistant carbide that can give long-lasting effects, protection against wear and tear, it also provides resistance against heat and corrosion.

  • The stabilizing vents reduce the noise of the saw
  • It has a good system that makes materials come out with smooth cut
  • The red colour of the blade can sometimes rub off on materials.

5. IRWIN MARATHON Carbide Corded Miter Saw Blade, 7 1/4-inch– Simple and Easy to Use

The Irwin blade is different from a list of other blades, the blades have a different kind of setup, it is specially made to meet up the demand of professional construction or design. The shape and setup of the teeth make work easier as it cuts smoothly and neatly, it also works seamlessly with less noise.

Ease of usage

The Irwin Marathon miter saw blade has little or no difficulty in operation, the blade run with a fine setup of teeth that allows you to make your customized material cut according to specification. The ease of using the Irwin blade is not only limited to working on a product or material alone, it is open to a large number of materials that are suitable for cutting.

Irwin blade gives you the privilege of bringing professional handling and DIY to the table with ease, you can get a professional touch on your little project.

Improved strength

Like almost every type of blade, to be competitive enough there is the requirement of being strong and able to carry out wanted and needed projects. The Irwin Marathon has quite several improvements that make it more invaluable to users of a miter saw.

One thing that stands out is the durability of the 7 ¼ blades, it possesses the power to smoothly cut out different types of materials, ranging from plywood to hardwood.

Blades in place

The blades of an Irwin Marathon saw is made up of carbide teeth, the carbide teeth are responsible for having the desired result. Blades are seen as a silicon coat giving the teeth of the blade more toughness, the teeth are made in such a way that every tooth of it is thicker than the ones in it, allowing cut to be made more easily. The 24 teeth present on the blade incapable of carrying out construction-grade cutting of materials.

  • It is one of the most affordable miter saw blades
  • It runs on silicone coating making it more resilient
  • This particular brand might not be the best fit for large scale industrial work.

6. Makita 7-1/4 Carbide-Tipped Miter Saw Blade – Super Efficiency

The Makita miter saw blade is rolled out with much greatness, the product has by far a very great range of specifications, it comes charged with super efficiency that sets it out and apart.

The blade is opened up to your use in carrying out the various tasks, it is arguably one of the most expensive miters saw blades to buy, infusing passion into the design of a blade.


Speed matters. At every point in time, speed is a constant check factor to determine the level of progress oftentimes. The blade of the Makita is charged with a high tonne of services. It relies on several factors to have an average speed for the blade such as the type of material to be cut etc.

Speed affects performance as well, and more than 70% of more cuts per charge were recorded when compared to other blades, and the same value as well of over 70% of faster cuts when compared to standard blades.

Test of durability

A much-needed help or test of durability sets the fine miter sales among the pace of some of the best and recommended. The durability of the Makita is further confirmed with the use of the high-grade Tungsten carbide. In different places as well, the strength of the blade is not waivered, the durability of a product affects its reviews and its recommendation.

Outer shape

The outer shape of the Makita saw blade is one of a kind, it comes with a standing pose of elegance and remarkable success. Most of the work done here determines the best among the lists of 7-1/4- inch and the shape of the blade and the saw that houses the blade determines the output that will be generated by such analysis.

  • The coating with Tungsten carbide makes it durable
  • There is a load reduction on the tool
  • It can be quite expensive

7. GoYonder 7 1/4 Inch Miter Saw Blade – High Performance

GoYonder miter saw blade strikes as a high-performing blade that has a broad range of specifications. The 7 ¼ inch blade features a 6o teeth Tungsten coated Carbide blade to be used in cutting materials of different shapes and sizes. It becomes an essential tool to anyone, either a professional or a home runner with needs for construction or repair.

Quality rating

The GoYonder miter saw blade does not compromise on quality, it comes as a fully hardened steel blade, strong enough and suitable for different materials, the teeth of the blade is not left behind either, it comes coated in Tungsten carbide allowing smooth and easy cut into materials during different applications. The strength of the blade and teeth provides maximum performance to the user.

It also comes along with parts that are resistant to easy wear and tear thereby promoting the use of the equipment and also ensuring durability.

Size and materials

Every aspect of the GoYonder miter saw plays an important role to ensure the maximization of the blades to work effectively. One of the critical aspects that determines the performance index of the blades as well as the size of the saw and blade. The 7 ¼ blade size with an arbor design of 5/8 inch is one of the commonest sizes given to most miter saw blades around to ensure the effectiveness of the saw.

The size and strength make it an effective option to cut through different types of woods, that can easily be used for your carpentry needs or furniture work.


A high-moving machine part like the miter saw blade deserves extra caution to prevent losing a limb or body part to it. When making use of the miter saw, ensure you make use of all proscribed protective gear. This will save you from a lot of accidents that can be avoided.

  • It possesses a thin kerf for a fast and smooth cut.
  • The blades are fully made of a hardened plate.
  • The presence of anti-stick coating reduces friction during operation.
  • It only works best for cutting woods.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Miter Saw Blade

Here is what you should consider.

Tooth Count

blade A miter saw blade’s only function is to cut wood, so the most important aspect of any miter saw blade is how well it performs this task. Obviously, cutting through four 2″ x 4″s in one pass will take substantially longer than cutting through just one. The number of teeth on a miter saw blade can range from 12 all the way up into the hundreds. Generally speaking, the more teeth you have on your miter saw blade, the smoother your cuts will be and vice versa.

However, don’t let high numbers mislead you; too many teeth can cause problems as well. Unless you are making fine furniture or cutting expensive moldings for an interior design project, it won’t matter if your miter saw blade has 80 or 14 teeth.

So when you are trying to decide what miter saw blades are best for you, the only thing that truly matters is how well they perform for your intended purpose.


There are several miter saw blade sizes such as 7-1/4 inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch. The miter saw blades come in many different sizes to fit the miter saw you own. The miter saw blades can be changed very easily by loosening a screw or two on the miter saw itself. Once off, you have easy access to change your miter saw’s blade.


The width of the miter saw blade kerf is important because it determines how much material can be cut by a miter saw. The miter saw teeth are designed to remove half the thickness of the stock since one miter saw tooth will cut on both the push and pull stroke. This means that you want a miter saw blade kerf large enough so it will not bind, but small enough so there is no gap between cuts.



The miter saw blade will be subject to a lot of abuse, so it needs to be able to hold up. Generally, high carbon steel blades are the best option for miter saws, but “stainless” or other metals may also work depending on the application.

Tooth shape

The tooth shape of the miter saw blade determines the kind of sawing it can do and also the quality and speed of cutting. To get a smooth finish, choose a blade with small triangular-shaped teeth.

If you want to cut soft materials like wood, plastic or fiberglass then blades with an alternating set of large and small teeth is the best choice for you. Blades having straight teeth are ideal for cutting metals such as aluminum or steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use A 10-inch blade On A 12-inch Miter Saw?

Yes, you can use a 10-inch saw blade on a 12-inch miter saw.  A 10-inch blade can cut through 90° angles with ease whereas 12-inch blades are often used for larger framing projects.

What Miter Saw Blade Should I Use To Cut Hardwood Flooring?

The best miter saw blade for cutting hardwood flooring is a high-end carbide-tipped blade with at least 40 teeth.  High-end blades are more expensive but they stay sharper longer and make cleaner cuts, perfect for delicate jobs like cutting laminate or wood flooring.

Can You Use A Miter Saw Blade On A Table Saw?

Sure, but you need to make an adapter first. The safest way would be to buy a zero-clearance insert for your table saw. That’s what I use personally.

Which Type Of Blade Should I Use With My Miter Saw For Ripping?

The best choice would be a combination blade, also known as a crosscut blade. This type of saw blade is perfect for cutting wood across the grain and parallel to it (rip). If you only use your miter saw for ripping then you might want to consider buying a dedicated rip saw blade with zero-clearance inserts on each side so that you can safely use it without damaging the saw’s surface.

Can I Put A Radial Arm Saw Blade On My Miter Saw?

No, never! You should never put any blades on your miter saw other than the ones intended for this purpose. Putting an inappropriate blade will destroy both your machine and maybe even your new piece of furniture!

Are Miter Saw Blades Same As Circular Saw Blades?

A miter saw blade is a specific kind of circular saw blade that cuts both on the forward and reverse motion of the blade. This allows you to do cross cuts or miters. A regular circular saw blade cannot be used on a miter saw, but a miter can be used with a circular saw.

How Long Should a Miter Saw Blade Last?

There are several factors that will affect the useful life of a miter saw blade. For one, how often you use it and what materials you’re cutting is important. Cuts in metal will dull blades quickly while cuts in wood may last for months with frequent use.


You may need to get a miter saw blade at any point in time, the choice of picking one saw blade to buy largely depends on the type of miter saw, although some blades are versatile and are compatible with a range of miter saw. Check out this post on the best miter saw blades to choose from.

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