Best Professional Chainsaws – Reviews

chainsawChainsaws are more of a heavy-duty machine although coming in various sizes and capacity. A chainsaw typically is handheld with an extended blade filled with a moving set of teeth, chainsaws run mostly on fuel, they have a fuel tank that is used to power the heavy machinery.

It is a different thing getting a chainsaw and it is a different ball game going for a professional chainsaw. A professional chainsaw is often in greater demand by landscapers or individuals who work with tree removal. The heavy-duty machine is needed to meet up the work demand of people who are required to fell trees. This post summarises some of the best professional chainsaws to go for.

Best Professional Chainsaws in June, 2021

1. Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw – For Optimal Performance

Before knocking upon the specifications of the Husqvarna chainsaw, it is important to know that Husqvarna is a common household name when it comes to the matter of chainsaw.

Husqvarna has a lot of specifications to make it a great fit for recommendation as one of the best professional chainsaws one can go for, the Rancher gas chainsaw feature an advanced engine system that leads to efficiency and optimal performance of the chainsaw.

Large Engine Capacity

This professional chainsaw is prided on a large engine that is capable enough to handle the operations of the chainsaw. Just like the other features of the Husqvarna, the 460 Rancher Gas chainsaw makes use of advances in engine technology. It comes with a centrifugal air pre-filtration that focuses on the reduction of the number of particles that can get into the main air system during operation.

A major concern of users is having particles caused during sawing of trees get into the main air filter system. The Husqvarna comes with brute force to tackle a lot of trees while maintaining the integrity of the chainsaw.

Fuel consumption

This chainsaw runs efficiently on an economic fuelling system to deliver the best performance with the little consumption level of fuel. it comes along with a 60. 3cc 2 cycle engine with an adjustable oil pump. The large 60cc motor produces more power than previous models, the increased power production also increases and torque especially when you are dealing with hardwood. The X-Torq lowers fuel consumption and reduces the emission rate.

The fuel system of the chainsaw helps in conserving fuel, you can get more work and task done using the minimal fuel possible.

Safety and Replacement

Safety is a priority for the operation of the chainsaw, before you start making use of the chainsaw, you are expected to read the manual as well as the safety guideline that has been highlighted for each chainsaw. Husqvarna prescribes the use of chainsaw chaps and a helmet. The goals of these protective gear are to protect you while operating the heavy-duty machine to avoid mishap.

There are also replaceable parts of the chainsaw, they can also be removed during regular cleaning exercise such as the air filter, it can be removed, cleaned and replaced.

  • It runs on a big engine, large enough to power the chainsaw effectively
  • This chainsaw features X-Torq technology that maintains emission policy
  • There are less automation process for starting the engine

2. Makita EA6100PRGG 20 61 cc Chain Saw – Fuel efficiency

The Makita Chainsaw is a powerful machine that comes with a  lot of exciting specifications and positions itself as one of the tops leading professional chainsaw out there to lay your hands on, from a powerful engine to ease of usage. The Makita chainsaw goes all the way to prove itself worthy as one of the best professional chainsaws.

Powerful Engine

Talk about one of the most powerful engines in the chainsaw world, you will not be making a mistake by mentioning the Makita chainsaw. The chainsaw is fired up by a 61cc 4.6-HP motor housed in a 13.2-pound machine. It has an amazing power to weight ratio.

Makita chainsaw comes with a spring-assisted starter giving you the ease of using the saw’s “Simple to start” option. Even with this option, the strength of the saw is not reduced or compromised. You can cut through some of the thickest logs of wood with the aid of this powerful and highly industrialised engine.


It has a magnesium housing that improves durability, the housing holds the highest portion of the weight, this gives the saw a good chance to hold a range of weight and still power the saw effectively.

The Makita chainsaw has a very strong and balanced base, materials can be easily cut at a very precise and stable position. It is much more accommodating by the weight of the chainsaw itself; the weight gives room for more manoeuvring while operating.

The heavy-duty cartridge has an efficient air filter system that allows for extended air filter life and also improves durability.

Speed and Accuracy

One of the highest selling points of the Makita chainsaw is the high speed by which it cuts through the object, the speed is even far better guided with accuracy. The chainsaw goes at a fast acceleration of 13,800 RPM giving you a good cutting-edge during application.

The rate of your construction job depends on how fast you can get through the cutting of materials, choice of chainsaw matters in that regards.

  • Double magnesium housing
  • Has a high power to weight ratio
  • It is quite expensive but effective

3. PoulanPro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw – Less fuel, Less emissions

The Poulan Pro operates by using gas, the gas-powered chainsaw offers a lot of ecological advantage. There are a new set of technologies added to this product to make it unique and stand out for acceptance. It also makes the list of the best professional chainsaws owing to the combination of efficiency, climate consideration and strength.

It comes with a 2-stroke engine and a spring-assisted pull/start system requiring minimal cord pulling effort.

OxyPower Engine Technology

An interesting feature of the Poulan Pro is the creative innovation that has been added to this chainsaw. This piece of technology puts the users and the ecosystem into consideration in a bid to create a more sustainable ecosystem. The technology gives room to gain extra power while carrying out a task with the chainsaw. Apart from more energy it can give you during tasks, it offers a 20% reduction of typical fuel consumption and also a 70% reduction of emission into the ecosystem. That is a big eco-friendly gadget!!!

Easy to start

To start the Poulan Pro chainsaw is not any place near difficult, the technology in play for the chainsaw allows you to start the engine with the pull force reduced by 30% for easier starting and to increase the lifespan of the chainsaw through the reduction of wear and tear to the saw.

The purge bulb provides fuel to the carburettor and lets the saw get started with fewer pulls, is protected to prevent the high risk of damage while operating.

User friendly

Poulan Pro chainsaw makes it very convenient for you to start it, with simple control tools here and there. It has a combined system of choke and stops control allowing faster and greater reliability on the engine without the risk of having a flooded engine.

  • An easy start and stop system
  • It is eco-friendly y reducing fuel consumption and rate of emission
  • It has an efficient air filtering system
  • Power is concentrated more on wood products

4. Remington Outlaw 46cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw – Efficient technology

RM4618 Outlaw puts out a really big statement regarding what a professional chainsaw is. The Remington RM4618 Outlaw is a gas-powered chainsaw with a powerful engine of 46cc. it is sturdily built and only requires you to take charge and lead it to the task at hand.

This professional chain saw has a lot of side controls and a firm grip that puts you in charge of handling such a powerful machine with more comfort and style.

QuickStart Technology

What tops the easy starting of a high-end machine? The RM4618 Outlaw comes to life and work-ready with easy QuickStart technology. The chainsaw is designed with an easy pull system that brings the beast to life and you can start up immediately to work without consuming much energy.

High-end Engine                          

The engine of the RM4618 chainsaw is a big and high-end engine with an 18-inch bar and low kickback chain that cuts through some of the toughest wood in a clean sweep. You can get to accomplish more with the high output engine that comes along with the chain saw.

It is not only limited to engine capacity as the entire chainsaw is lightweight yet efficient. The material around the chainsaw is also made of upgraded component that can withstand the specialised usage of the chainsaw in the most vicious and prolonged manner of dealing with materials that need to be cut.

Automation and Comfort

RM4618 comes with a bar and chain, the bar and chain work well with the automatic oiler system where you do not have to bother much about lubricating the chainsaw manually. The automatic oiler system keeps an adequate amount of lubricant needed to keep the engine running smoothly and at its best.

The automation gives comfort to the user, in addition, the chainsaw comes along with a 5-point anti-vibration system which works with a full wrap handle to make the chainsaw easier to grip and comfortable to operate. With the comfortable cushioning, a good command of the chainsaw can be gotten and an effective operation.

  • RM4618 chainsaw comes with a high output engine to drive the machine
  • It has an automation system for oiling and has an easy start model
  • Might be a bit loud during operation

5. Craftsman 46cc 2-Cycle Full Crank 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw – Heavy on the output

The Craftsman chainsaw can be classified as a hero of chainsaws. The 17,7 ponds saw is built on the heavy side for both the engine and every other part. The quality of output is equally heavy. It has a big end engine along with a gas tank for carrying out some of the most tedious tasks of trimming or pruning.

High Output Engine

The gas-powered chainsaw has a 46cc crank gas engine (2- cycle full)  with a chassis to deliver one of the most steady and high powered energy in carrying out tree limbing, trimming, cutting and pruning.

Steady control

With a 20-inch low kickback and chain, an inertia-activated chain and a brake, you have the entire control of the chainsaw at your fingertips. You can easily control the brake system better while working. This gives a sense of comfort and command at the same time.

The start system as well is not too far fetched, it features a pull system fully cushioned aluminium handle. The vibration system as well helps in achieving balance, comfort and easy manoeuvring of the chainsaw.

Easy maintenance practice

The maintenance of this high-level engine is kept within reasonable reach, the tools to be used in the maintenance exercise are carried in a case to give easy access to them and for storage during transport.

An automatic oiling system also exists in this case and keeps the engine going at its optimum by giving the right level of lubrication when needed.

  • With the high-level engine, you can easily carry out tasks and projects
  • There is a firm control for the machine and can be easily manoeuvred
  • There are issues of high emissions and fuel consumption


Chainsaws are important in carrying out the role of pruning, trimming and cutting. In some of these work instance, there is a need to have a professional level of chainsaws that can carry out the tasks expected of them.

In this post, we have considered some of the best professional chainsaws around alongside their features and what makes them be on the list.

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