How to Cut Flagstone With Circular Saw

cutting-stone-with-circular-saw Is it time to replace your old flagstone walkway? You may be wondering how to cut the stone with a circular saw. The process is not too difficult, but there are some safety precautions you should take before starting this project. Read on for more information about what tools you will need and how to safely use them, as well as some tips for making sure your cuts are accurate.


How to Cut Flagstone With Circular Saw

1 step

Make sure you’re wearing proper safety clothing for this job: sturdy shoes, work gloves, and safety goggles. Safety glasses are essential to protect your eyes from flying stone chips. You don’t want a chunk of stone in your eye when you’re doing this job!

2 step

Measure the height and width of the flagstones that need cutting. This is necessary so you can buy the right size circular saw blade. You’ll need a specific size of the diamond saw blade to cut through the flagstone. If you’re not sure about the length and width of your flagstones, measure them carefully.

It’s important to choose a blade size that matches up with your measurements accurately; if it doesn’t go well, it’ll be very difficult to make cuts in strong flagstone without any cracks or accidents!

A diamond-tipped saw blade is ideal for all types of natural stone, but standard masonry blades will work for harder stones like granite or limestone. The tip should be very thin so it doesn’t take too much material off each time it goes around – if it’s too thick it won’t cut smoothly.

3 step

Make sure you have plenty of light by moving the light source near the blade and check that you have enough room for your saw to move freely.

4 step

It is recommended to pre-mark the lines on the stone before cutting it in order to get more accurate results. In most cases, you should make markings for all sides of each flagstone that need to be cut off. However, if you’re making a garden path or something similar, there’s no need to cut stones at all four edges. It would simply look better if they were placed around curves without any additional carving.

5 step

Sit on a low stool so you can get close enough to the stone, put it on some wooden blocks so it won’t roll around while being cut, sit comfortably and hold onto the saw with both hands. Line up the saw with one of your marks and start cutting by pulling the saw towards yourself along its intended path. Start slow then build up speed as you go along. If there are any pieces still holding together even after making the horizontal cuts, you can cut them by making vertical cuts.

Step 6

The flagstone should start breaking along the lines now so you can finish cutting it up with a knife or chisel. Be careful though not to damage the stone pieces any more than necessary if they’re supposed to be whole tiles.

Step 7

After you’re done with breaking and cutting up the flagstones put everything away and enjoy your work and your new outdoor feature.

What is flagstone?

Flagstone is a natural stone that can be used for walls, patios, driveways, walkways and even building structures. For thousands of years, flagstones have been used as paving blocks for pueblo Indian paths. The rough finish on the surface leaves an area where it has contact with the earth to prevent slipping when wet or icy to make it safe for use in places where people are constantly walking.

Flagstone comes in many colors ranging from grey to red to yellow. It really depends upon the type of rock formation it was formed from. Flagstone gets its name because it is flat but not smooth like other types of rock including granite or marble which are both much softer than the stones that form into flagstone making them much more suitable for building with.

What Type of Blade is the Best for Cutting Flagstone?

When looking to cut flagstones for installation in a home, there are many different types of blades that can be used to do the job. Some are very inexpensive but not very effective at cutting through the stone while others are more expensive but make the job easier and go much faster.

The diamond blade seems to be the most popular choice for this type of work. A diamond blade is a circular saw blade that has diamonds embedded in it. The more diamonds on a blade will determine how long the blade will last and how fast it will cut through stone. A diamond blade is the best choice for cutting flagstone. Diamond blades can be used with other materials as well but are best suited for cutting stone because it is one of the hardest materials to cut and diamond blades were designed specifically for that purpose.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to cut flagstone with a circular saw. This handy cutting tool is very versatile and can be used for many different projects, from making paths in your yard to building walls around the perimeter of your home. If you have any questions or want more information about other ways in which a circular saw might come in handy, please let me know.

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